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Utah Entrepreneur Of The YearLakey Enterprises is a trucking company located in North Salt Lake City, Utah founded in 1997 and owned by Michael and Cynthia Lakey. Lakey Enterprises primarily contracts with FedEx Ground. Starting out with only one truck the Lakey's have grown their small business and now have 25 trucks, and 31 drivers. They've build their company on the solid foundation of safety, trust, integrity and hard work.

Our Mission Statement:

Lakey Enterprises, Inc., provides safe, economical, efficient and appropriate transportation. We supply services that result in a reasonable return for our effort to ensure the financial success and continued growth of our company. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of trucking services to our valued clients. By furnishing our highly skilled employees with our well maintained equipment, we deliver quality service to our customers. Point A to Point B on time, with a smile!

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What Our Employees Say:

"I've worked for contractors that treated their employees the best, and I've worked for contractors that treated their equipment the best, but the Lakey's treat the employees and their equipment the best, so I stay with them."
-Arthur Baldwin, employee since 2012.

"The Lakey's are just really normal people in touch with their employees."
-Jesse Stevens, employee since 2010.

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